You Play. We Track.

Zepp Soccer Sensor

You Play. We Track.

Zepp Play Soccer tracks player stats, captures a real-time game report, and uses auto-clip technology to create video highlights providing overall insights into your performance. Simply insert the sensor into the calf sleeve to track important on-field stats including total kicks, sprints, distance, max speed, and more.

Made for Game Play

Collect personal game statistics, capture real-time game reports, and create a personalized video highlight reel to see your game like never before.

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Zepp Soccer App
Zepp Soccer App Zepp Soccer App

Track Your Performance

Zepp Play Soccer measures the most important aspects of your game.

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Never Miss a Highlight

Maximize Zepp Play Soccer app features to collect real-time video highlights by having someone record from the sideline, tag key events throughout the game, and share the timeline feature for friends and family to follow.

Video Wrapper
Hightlight ScreenShot
  • AUTO-CLIP: 10 second highlights with a tap of the screen

  • TAG plays during the game

  • VIDEO HIGHLIGHT REEL automatically generates post-game

  • GAME TIMELINE allows you to share highlights in real-time

Your Game Revealed. Instantly.

Zepp Play Soccer tracks your statistics for each game. Simply enter details for your personal profile to instantly review and monitor your personal performance.

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Setting up is easy

Wear the Zepp Play Soccer sensor in the calf sleeve provided to capture personal game statistics. Pair the sensor, start a game and data will be wirelessly sent to the Zepp Play Soccer app on your smartphone via Bluetooth.

  • Zepp Soccer Sleeve Zepp sensor for soccer
    Insert the sensor into the designated rear pocket of the calf sleeve of your dominate leg
  • Zepped Soccer Sleeve
    Connect wirelessly via Bluetooth to capture game play statistics
  • Analyze your soccer data on your mobile device
    Review game summary on your mobile device

Technical Specs

Zepp sensor for soccer


Zepp charger for soccer


Zepp sleeve for soccer

Calf Sleeve


    • Height: 0.28in / 7.2mm
    • Length: 1.50in / 38mm
    • Width: 1.07in / 27.2mm
    • Weight: 0.24oz / 6.84g

    • Height: 0.79in/ 20mm
    • Length: 5.00in / 127.2mm
    • Width: 1.57in / 40mm

    • Calf Circumference: 9.5”-13.4” / 24cm-34cm
    • Height: < 5’7” / 170cm


    • Calf Circumference: 13.4”-17.3” / 34cm-44cm
    • Height: > 5’7” / 170cm
  • Sensor

    • 3-Axis Accelerometer + 3-Axis Gyroscope
  • Memory

    • Flash Storage
  • Battery

    • Built-in Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery
    • 40 hours of game tracking
  • Connectivity

    • Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy


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